The little Danglish Viking


All is going well here, James is a little angel which just makes the life of his tired mum so much easier! But it’s quiet, I think mormor (Grandma), who is still here, thinks her pensioner life back in Denmark is more exciting and contains more action than the life of a newborn in the Dubai heat. We can’t go outside during the day, so she goes for a swim everyday before we wake up (the Arabian Gulf is about 33 degrees now and the air feels like 45 degrees, not exactly appropriate for a stroll with the pram!!) and when she is not helping me with little James she is baking, washing and cleaning up in my wardrobe to make the day more exciting 😀 – I love it and so happy she is here!!

So as you probably have noticed we are an international family – Daddy is British and I am Danish. We are from two very similar cultures however in some ways also so different. Sometimes we misunderstand each other sayings or humor (Maybe just the man/woman difference rather than culture difference!!?? 🙂 and it also causes some good discussions about what passport our baby should have 😀  but different backgrounds also makes the relationship even more exciting we think, we are never tired of learning about each other countries, backgrounds and languages. It’s important for us that both cultures will be big part of our sons life, no matter where we live and he will have to learn to speak both languages.  At home now I speak Danish and daddy speaks English – and together we speak Danglish (English with a very little bit of Danish!). James will also have to learn about both cultures; that Christmas is both on the 24th and on the 25th of December (I already love this 2 x times Xmas celebration!!), that grandparents in Denmark is mormor & morfor and in England they are nanna & Grandad, that ‘half seven’ in Denmark is 18.30 and in England its 7.30 pm, that the British like soft biscuits and toasted bread – that in Denmark they only toast bread when its gone off and the biscuits must be crispy etc… 😀 I’m sure we will have lots of fun with this in the coming years!!

It was also important for us that our son’s name James Viggo should reflect both cultures and be able to be pronounced easily in both languages (this was harder than you can imagine);

  • James is a very traditional strong Irish/British name which in our case is from the Irish side of my husband’s family tree. My husband (being the oldest son of his generation) is named after his grandad and so in keeping with tradition James (also oldest son of his generation) is named after his grandad – that is how it goes back for generations. Some may say we are a bit old-school but we value the traditions.
  • Viggo is an old Scandinavian name dating back to the Viking age. The short form of the name “Vig(en)” or “Vik(en)” refers to the English word for inlet or bay. The young men from “Viken” is from where the name “Viking” came about and where the Viking ships were launched.  The youngest and most handsome Viking on the Viking ship, bore the name Viggo, full of vigor, vigorous, etc. Also my great granddad were named Viggo so a bit of my family is part of the name too. And then we just like the name Viggo – it’s a cool name without being too popular.

And its cool we have the only James Viggo in the world  (At least I think so) ❤


P.s. I also learned today; Don’t make the breastfeeding pads’ sticky bit stick to you – it hurts when you remove them… AND when you can’t find the pads after breastfeeding they are probably sticking to your butt… :/



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  1. Mie, I just love your blogs and its not just because its you and I already love James Viggo! Its so lovely to be able to read updates all about your new lives even though you’re far away! xx

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