Ok, I think I’m back to earth now! After 11 days of wonderful ‘babymoon’ it’s time to get back to the real world but in a new (time-consuming) shape called ‘mum’! We have now been home for one week from the hospital and it’s been a whole lot of cuddling & kissing, feeding & nursing, sleeping (only baby J) & crying (only mum) – and I’m starting to settle into my new role not only as an 24/7 open milk-buffet but as a cosy mummy speaking baby language, saying silly cute names and who pretends that baby diapers actually smells of roses… It’s fantastic – for each day I fall more and more in love with this little precious human being which we have created. I still don’t understand quite how it’s possible 😀 Well I understand hoooow… But not really HOW this little perfect baby came out of my belly 🙂 Most cool of all is he is ours and we can keep him for good, we are now a little family!!! 😀

So James Viggo arrived on the 3rd of July (a date no one voted for, so I don’t have to share my Haagen Dazs with anyone! 😉 ) and nothing went quite as expected… Maybe first lesson in my new life – Expect the unexpected – and forget planning! I won’t go into details right now… either because I’m not ready to share just yet or maybe I just want to avoid to scare first-time expecting mums away, not sure… but I won’t lie, it bloody hurt and was very painful. I Ended up having to have an emergency cesarean – which at the time was a big relief. I think this is why I needed a long babymoon now, to recover and absorb the experience. Most important of all is that baby James is healthy and perfect, and mum is recovering a bit everyday…! Yes, I know everyone always says, you look at your baby and forget all the pain, but at this stage I’m still not sure that is true just yet! I remember on the day I kept thinking he will be a single child – but that one I’m starting to change my mind around already 😉 A tough start but baby James seems to be a very good and easy baby – and the breastfeeding is going so well so that’s great and I’m thankful all this is going fine.

The water broke on the way to meet my doctor which btw was absolutely wonderful on the day and I was so pleased for her support and decisions.It’s so important to trust the doctor and their decisions here. I felt my birth experience was very good because of my doctor even it was a very hard experience! Also my husband was the best support and I suddenly see him from a new and very incredible angle – which makes me love him even more ❤ The c-section definitely gives daddy a good opportunity for lots of bonding and quality time in the first week, I guess every cloud has a silver lining (as they say in English)…. 🙂

Luckily also my mum took a flight from Denmark to UAE as soon as baby James was born to support and help. I can’t help think that it’s a relief for me to be assured that what I do is actually fine and I can take care of a baby 😉 not to mention all the precious quality time between mormor (grandma) and her grandson – so cute 🙂  It’s really needed to have an extra helping hand around the home after a cesarean, it’s not just a ‘easy option’ which I wrongly thought before I tried it myself…

I don’t need to tell any mums about the many feelings, emotions and hormones after birth – it’s a roller-coaster (just like the fast one at Ferrari-world in Abu Dhabi!) but most of all lots of love – everything else seems to be forgotten and not important. But how I thought pregnancy was bit hard sometimes and created lots of questions is just nothing compared to the life after baby’s arrival!! So I learned; Pregnancy is easy (well mine was anyway!) so enjoy that part all you pregnant ladies out there and get your sleep before the little ones arrival! 🙂 And make sure you read a lot about the first weeks after birth, there’s lot to learn.

I wish I could ignore it but it would be a lie if i said it doesn’t matter to me … the look of my post baby body… I naively thought all sugar cravings would disappear the day I gave birth but I realize now it’s not… I still feel like cake 24/7!!! Thought I would quickly lose the 27 kg after birth but only 7 kg is gone so will take some time… 7 kg is not bad so far but when I go outside the door now without baby James – not that it really happens (in the Dubai summer heat) – I’m no longer a pregnant woman, I’m now a women with extra kg. I have a very flabby belly moving like jelly and large as a 20 weeks pregnant bump – and the rest is the same; big but and heavy fingers and feet – I miss my beautiful rings so much not to mention my old fancy clothes. I know it will come and 9 months to gain and 9 months to disappear but patience never been my strong side!!! On the other hand I don’t mind my c-section scar, it symbolize something beautiful and looks decent already. Exercise can’t be started the next 8 weeks due to the c-section and no big diet as I’m breastfeeding… Soooo it seems bit far away that old body – and yes I find that a bit hard… BUT YES he is all worth it – no doubt 😀

Love from baby J & mum



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