Green light and a free baby box – please!

Today all my baby apps and ‘count-down-to-baby’ emails say ‘Congratulations!!!!’ My proposed due date was yesterday and I have followed and liked these apps for 9 months but now I don’t like them anymore. I have no baby boy in my arms. I have a 40 weeks plus 1 day baby in my belly and he is having a good time. Not that one day over is a big deal but it’s like waiting at the yellow traffic lights in a big watermelon van waiting for the lights to change, foot ready on the accelerator but the light just never change from yellow to green… Apparently Only 4% of mums-to-be gets the green light on their due date so how can they say congratulations the day after!!!?? Hmmpf. Give me green!! Nope – no signs for today either 😉 All my friends seems to be getting the green light this week and the highlight of the weekend was to go see my friends new baby-girl E who was born on Wednesday – so adorable ❤

One birthday we can celebrate today is this blog being one month old!! I have had readers form 46 different countries that’s amazing how far and fast it goes! It’s been a lot of fun so far and a huge thank you to all you lovely readers, I appreciate you all, especially those taking time to leave me a sweet comment along the way 😉 Let the feedback and comments keep coming, the same goes for questions and new ideas – all is welcome.

Balloons for the new baby girl! The stork is a Danish Tradition – means the stork has arrived with a baby-girl at this house ❤
Ramadan started today or last night which means that you should not eat and drink in public in the day time out of respect for those who are fasting. Most restaurants and cafes are closed until sunset. Pregnant, nursing women, and young children are exempt from the provisions, but discretion should be exercised. However I think I will stay indoors – it’s 45 degrees outside. And to be honest I wouldn’t like to eat and drink in public even if I can. At the moment I’m very tired and just eat and sleep anyway, I think my body knows there’s a marathon coming up soon. Also during ramadan you shouldn’t play loud music, no swearing in public (Tom!) and dress modestly. Malls are open all night but offices closes earlier so if I was in my old office I could leave a few hours early. Ramadan is about giving to the ones less fortunate so we donated 3 large bags of clothes and shoes yesterday. Hope the stilettos can be put to good use.


A few tweaks for the Dubai mummies:

1. The other day I came across a cool offer for a free baby box called Marhababy – we have so many free baby boxes in Denmark but haven’t seen any here. So I was delighted by my discovery and thought I would do you a little service by picking it up and review it;
I signed up online and received the voucher quickly after on email. However you do have to upload a scanning photo to show you are pregnant! I went to Babyshop and received the box after a bit of a hassle because I didn’t have the voucher printed out. Below you can see the items in it. I was most pleased with the diapers which are the same as I plan to use and the Good Housekeeping magazine (looks good in front of husband) but it was the February edition. There’s some discount vouchers for the Babyshop, some Johnson & Johnson soaps, Persil detergent and some other discount vouchers for smart cells, photography and If you are going to the Bayshop and are able to print the voucher beforehand, why not also go and get your box – if not I wouldn’t make big hassle to get it…

image[3] image[2]

2. I found these wet-napkins in Carrefour for only 7 AED. They are perfume and alcohol free so we will try a package – much cheaper than Corine de Farm which is also without perfume and alcohol. If you have noticed other good products like diapers, napkins etc. without perfume, alcohol, and parabens – please share!!


3. I posted a wrong photo a few weeks ago for the washing detergent – the white one is without perfume and dyes – not the pink which I posted a photo of!! Available in most large supermarkets. Sorry for my mistake!

photo 1photo 2

Ramadan Kareem

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Mie x

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