Water broke in Starbucks…

Sooo the electricity is off today¬†ūüė¨ which means that lift ‘might’ stop working… hmmmm did I mention we live on 32nd floor?¬†It¬†wouldn’t normally be¬†an issue to take¬†the¬†stairs but at this time with full baby in belly it makes me slightly nervous to think about going down stairs with contractions! We walked a few floors yesterday hoping for a few contractions but nothing¬†happened¬†except a pair of¬†sore knees… to be honest I don’t believe much in these homemade induction methods. If you close yes it might start something but¬†at the end of the day,¬†he comes when he comes!!¬†I have¬†a¬†strong feeling¬†that¬†he¬†is going to be¬†fashionably¬†late like he’s mum always¬†is¬†ūüė¨


I hope that today was the¬†last time at prenatal Pilates¬†as¬†my t-shirt is to small now ūüė¨ talked to some great mums-to-be today and it’s interesting how,¬†here in Dubai¬†we all¬†seem to ask¬†the¬†same questions… Where to find xxx and What hospital xxx… I have written a bit about these¬†questions (and possible answers!) earlier this month and on the ‘Nesting’ page. Just¬†in case¬†you missed them…

photo 4

Whenever I’m out¬†and about, doing things that a yummy mummy to be does, the cafe and shop staff always ask ‘What month madam’ and when I tell people I’m in my 40th week now they look at me like oh no don’t let the water break on my floor!! I dreamt the other day water broke in Starbucks (yes I have spent too much time in thereūüė¨) it was¬†a¬†bit messy but got free coffees for lifetime¬†Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eyeThumbs up signOk hand sign¬†So maybe worth thinking¬†of¬†some strategy here…. And yes everybody really does call you madam here ūüėÄ

photo 1

There¬†is nothing like¬†receiving a knock at the door and finding a delivery of unexpected gifts!!! Today this happened to me, when the delivery man¬†came with a big smile from¬†babysouk.com¬†to deliver a prize which I won earlier this week via¬†sassymama.com¬†Clapping hands sign¬†it’s a convenient Phil & Teds travel set for later this summer when¬†we travel home to¬†Denmark and England! It’s a universal travel bag for our Icandy stroller and a baby nest for baby to sleep in. Once baba is here I will let you know how it all worked for me. I have¬†heard so many¬†horror stories of¬†strollers¬†and prams getting destroyed in the flights so was nervous about taking it home but seems like it will be fine now¬†Smiling face with open mouthOk hand sign

Thank you babysouk.com and Phil & Teds!

photo 2

Are you going to the Babybazaar on Saturday? It’s a great market at Time square – you can check out some of the local online shops and second-hand¬†items from other mums – it’s busy so come early. It’s on from 9am. I will be there – unless….¬†Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes….¬†wish me luck¬†Person with folded hands

Happy Thursday – and weekend for Dubai peps ūüôā
M xxx

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