Ice ice baby

photo 4
A very happy bump

After a few quiet days the bump was very happy yesterday!!

I’m not THAT inpatient (yet) for baby to come but have kinda turned into a waiting-for-baby-mode and at the same time I can’t do much… Just taking a shower makes me tired, I’m getting a bad sleep every day as I constantly wake up (by my own snoring!!) during the night and I feel like a turtle lying on its back which can’t move anywhere. It’s s good thing I had a busy program yesterday…

I’m always looking forward to meet with my mummy group, we are 14 yummy mummies and only 3 more babies ‘to go’ – I am ‘next’ but the queue etiquette seems to have disappeared?? 😉 But who cares when you are surrounded by 11 cute babies ❤ The group is a great way to meet up with amazing women in the same situation – we just gossip, talk about baby puke and sleepless nights! And not to mention an excuse for some yummy food – lots of homemade bread and no diet 🙂 Whats not to like!

photo 3
Mummy group delights

When this blog was only a few days old (Ok, I posted a lot about my Haagen Dazs ice cream craving) Haagen Dazs made my dream come true and invited me for an ice cream event! I was proud – and hungry to eat ice cream for two! Yesterday was the day – and me and the bump was excited for our very first blog event!!
On Saturday the 28th June the Holy Month of Ramadan will begin and this month is a very special time in this region. As many know the month is about fasting but also a month of considering those less fortunate than ourselves. Every day the fasting is ‘broken’ by a meal called iftar and ongoing for the whole evening and sometimes night. I’m not fasting myself but as a resident in the UAE I respect the month and culture. At the same time its a unique and different option to enjoy the quiet time in a normally hectic city. I’m sure I will tell you much more about living in Dubai during Ramadan…
Meanwhile back to the ice cream!! Haagen Dazs invited me to try their new exclusive Ramadan creations. And it was yummy!! What I like is that the ice cream has no additives and taste of real ingredients. They truly melt my heart ❤ First testing product was called ‘Arabic Journey’ and with different flavors of ice cream, sweet and dried fruits together with a katayef which is like a pancake but less sweet. Pistachios are used a lot in this region especially in desserts and sweets as was this case in this little beauty. The second creation was my favorite. It was a Belgian chocolate fondue with 16 mini-scoops of ice cream, arabic sweets, brownie, fruits and more katayef!! The chocolate gets nice and hard when you dip the cold ice cream in the hot sauce! Ohh lala! What I like is that they both are good for sharing which reflects the true Spirit of Ramadan. I will be back soon 🙂 SO who wants to share a Haagen Dazs fondue with me during Ramadan??

photo 1 photo 2

I must admit I have started to think about the DAB (diet after baby!), I have 26 kg to fight and no idea where to start… But DAB can wait for now – today we eat ice cream!! 🙂

SO as you can see yesterday was a perfect pregnancy day – AND I won a competition too with! Will tell you much more about the cool prize very soon!!

The waiting time is truly sweet 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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