A hot date

No 3 ate No 1…. 😉

Today baby is 39+0!! Hurrah! I could be a mummy any day now 🙂 I Went to the doctor this morning and all is good, he has lots of hair and around 3 kg ❤ That also means that I can’t use his weight gain as an excuse for my +26 kg but I feel fit and have no pain in my body so I’m not complaining just need some serious diet and exercise afterwards!! No I’m not writing this while eating an almond croissant (Promise)..??!! We are as ready as we can get (I Think even the full name is now decided!!) and soon I will try the stairs (we live on 32nd floor!) and the other natural inductions options….

Last night we went on a ‘last’ date at one of our neighborhood restaurants; Frankie’s Italian Bar & Grill in JBR. Italia were playing in the world cup so it seemed like the right place to go! Frankie Dettori and Marco Pierre White started this award winning Italian restaurant. We find it cosy and its conveniently close to our house so even the sweaty whale here can walk there without any major issues! I like to dress up and look good for my husband – he deserves a hot date just before baby arrives as soon he will no longer be the only man in my life!!!! 😉

I had:

– Fritto misto di gamberi e calamari; Deep fried shrimps and calamari, served with a trio of Frankie’s sauces
– Fettuccine all’uovo, salsa bagnacauda, coda di rospo; Homemade egg fettuccine with monkfish and bagnacauda sauce and virgin mojito 🙂

My hot date had:
– Medaglione di vitello alla milanese, salsa alla senape, agrumi freschi; Veal medallion “Milanese” style with mustard and fresh citrus sauce
– Paccheri di Gragnano, pomodoro, basilico e astice; Gragnano paccheri, tomato, basil and lobster

And SHARE dessert: Millefoglie croccante, crema al mascarpone, gelato alla fragile; Puff pastry millefoglie, mascarpone cream and strawberry ice cream

After our nice meal we went dancing all night in fancy nightclubs…

OR… I felt a sleep as soon as we entered the house… So much for that hot date…!! 😉

Happy Saturday.
Mie xxx


photo 2

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