Expectations & Brownie points

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I’m all prepared to celebrate my baby boys first birthday! I’m today 38+5 – and no signs of labour….

photo 2

I’ve been writing down my expectations to the birth of our baby-boy, after the birth I will give an update on how it actually went/or not!!:

  • Expectations for the birth: I’m looking forward to trying this whole experience on my own body – possibly a lot of pain yes, but I’m excited to see what my body can do and how it really feels. In the beginning I was very scared about the whole birth thing but now I’m just excited and looking forward to it! I think it will be an overwhelming mix of feelings; excitement, happiness, love, fatigue and exhaustion at the same time! I hope I will remain calm and not panic when/if the water breaks!! I hope I can give birth with no or only a few drugs and that I will be awake and at ‘present’ during the whole birth.
  • Physical preparation for the birth? I haven’t done too much exercise during these 9 months but recently started prenatal Pilates and I swim in our pool. I’m practicing the breathing and relaxation which I learned in my HypnoBirthing classes.
  • Mentally preparation for the birth? My husband and I have followed a HypnoBirthing course here in Dubai, it’s a 5 week course which teaches you different techniques in order to prepare a natural and ‘pain-free’ birth. We thought HypnoBirthing was a ‘hippie hypnosis’ course but it’s not like it sounds! It’s a preparation course that focuses on the goal and that the female body is designed to give birth and that majority of women don’t need to be given drugs during the birth. The HypnoBirthing homepage states: ‘It focuses on pregnancy and childbirth as well as pre birth bonding and the consciousness of pre born babies. It helps women to be able to deeply relax, let go of fear and to connect with their natural birthing instincts. It gives them confidence in their bodies and helps them to trust the natural birthing process. This then enables them to have a safe, gentle and comfortable birthing experience whilst feeling calm, confident and very importantly, in control’. Our teacher Jasmine Collin was very good and very relaxed which made us even more excited about the course. I know it won’t be completely pain-free but the course is focusing on the positive and the goal (the baby!) instead of the pain. I like that way of thinking. In the beginning I was afraid of giving birth but I feel ready, confident and prepared now. We have a toolbox of techniques we can use on the day.
  • Expectations of my husband during birth? He is my birth companion and I think he will be a calm partner that can keep me happy, give me comfort and most important keep me calm too (as always!). He will be the one in charge of ‘managing’ the hospital and make sure I have what I need. Because of the HypnoBirthing I expect he will play a central role on the day and not just a spectator. He was sceptical but ended up loving the HypnoBirthing course and I think it’s good for dad to have some tasks too on the day. I hope I won’t shout at him too much 😉
  • Looking forward to? The whole experience and to finally meet our baby-boy ❤ I’m looking forward to see if I can keep calm and manage to use the HypnoBirthing techniques.

I’m excited to see how I feel about all this after the birth 🙂

Oh I finally made the brownie I mentioned the other day! I bought the 3x dark chocolate bars (again!) and didn’t eat them – I’m so proud! The result was an amazing brownie and a very happy husband… A few brownie points here 😉 (literally) in my crazy hormone pregnancy! (Cake is gone already…!).

photo 1

Weekend is upon us in Dubai – yay! Today England is playing so I better cheer for my husbands’ team so he can cheer on Team Mie at the birth 😉 Happy weekend and Happy World-cup!



2 thoughts

  1. Hie Mie,

    I am super excited for you guys. I am 27 weeks, so in a few weeks as well. I wanted to check where did u do the hypnobirthing classes in Dubai, I would be keen as well. Good luck with everything.


    1. Hi Ahmi – congratulations!! 🙂 Not long for you either, exciting times!!!
      I think the hypno is only possible in one place in Dubai which is at the horizon kids nursery close to SZR you can check http://www.jasminecollin.com – you can send jasmine an email and she will give you all details!! It was a really good course!
      Looking forward to use it very soon 😉

      Good luck to you too!
      Mie xxx

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