The love story…


It all started in Dubai where young people from all over the world go to work and live the sweet expat life. So did the beautiful Danish girl Mie and the crazy Brit Tom! Barasti beach bar were for Mie and Tom like for many other expats the favorite bar to go to on a Thursday in December 2010. Tom went there with his mate R to have the usual 10-30 beers – and to look at girls…!! Mie went down to meet some friends but only reached the entrance where she met R and his handsome friend Tom. Mie thought R were somebody else but when she tried to speak Danish to him she realized he didn’t understand a word…. no wonder, he is French – dohh!! Mie were very embarrassed by that mistake and ran away… the two friends thought of course it was an excuse to get in touch with them because they are very good looking…!! 😉

Tom had of course noticed the beautiful Scandinavian girl and R made sure Mie met Tom later again at the pool bar. Mie liked Toms’ cool shoes and when he asked for her number she didn’t hesitate long…

Next day the Rugby7s were on (huge expat outdoor event) and for Mie also the danish X-mas Dinner with the Danish gang! This usually means a lot of drinks so when Mie woke up on Saturday (around 4pm!) she could barely look at her phone!! However after around 1326 text messages between them, Mie was persuaded to meet up for a meal! BUT Tom got tricked that night (and been ever since…?) – they didn’t go for a burger but to the Gold & Diamond mall for shopping!!! 😉

Tom did try to resist for a while and scare Mie away but didn’t work very well…. 13th April 2013 Tom went down on one knee and proposed to Mie (in Danish!!) in the beautiful desert of Dubai. Mie answered ‘for real????’ and then a ‘YES’!! Soon the planning could begin (We heard Mie is a bridezilla especially when it comes to hen parties…) and the 14th September 2013 were the day they said ‘I DO’ and ‘JA’ ❤


The wedding were held at the beautiful beach and forrest of Aarhus in Denmark with the closest family and friends. The combination of crazy Danish traditions and British dancing skills made the day perfect and the best day in their lives! 

Short after the happy couple went on a honeymoon to Bali and now 9 months later… yes you know the rest of story! ❤

Maybe soon a very special birthday will be another ‘best day in their lives’… 😉



4 thoughts

      1. Most definitely 🙂 its never boring everyday me and my husband learn something new about each other. Plus it helps me learn another language as he was blessed to be fluent in multiple languages while I am only fluent in one. I enjoy seeing boundaries being broken due to love

  1. Trying to teach my husband Danish – his good but it’s not easy !!! I like to learn about his culture, they are similar – and still so different 🙂

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