What day will he come oooouuuutttt???? Please vote!!

I went for prenatal Pilates. Again. Sounds awesome doesn’t it – like I’m a very energetic ‘week 37’ pregnant woman… BUT to be honest I’m not very energetic nor elegant – and I’m only a cup of sand away from being a beached whale on a reformer machine….  Not to mention that I’m sweaty even before I get there!! (Its summer in the desert now….!) But it gives me an excellent excuse to attack some yummy food afterwards 😀

photo 2
Prenatal-Pilates bump photo! (Love this Marc Jacobs top!)
Not a good temperature for pregnant lady! Bad planning by us….!! 😉

So ‘all that’ exercise makes me really hungry…  I had the most amazing Brownie with yummy toffee bites the other day – yummy in my tummy that was!!! 😀 I can’t stop thinking about it! So I bought all ingredients so I can share the lovely recipe in here! BUT…. by accident I have eaten ALL the chocolate which needed to go in the cake…

Maybe next time… sorry :/

BUT to make it up I have borrowed a photo of the exact same cake so you can imagine how heavenly this brownie was – thanks G for the picture!!  (And now invite me for some mooooore pleasssse!!!)

Best Brownie ever!!!

What else is going on? At the moment I’m trying to sort out the christening and it’s not so easy when 1. baby is not out yet. 2. we need to have it in another country (England) and 3. guests are coming from both Denmark and England – and we from UAE and that require a lot of coordination…. Our wedding was in my home city Aarhus in Denmark so the christening will this time be in my husband’s home city Manchester. I was therefore (naively) hoping he would arrange it but I start to realize its not going to happen… Looking at clothes, venue, hotel, sightseeing spots…. etc! IF YOU should know anything about Manchester please give me recommendations!!!!
My other focus is on baby-boy names…. we have not fully decided the full name (so won’t say anything yet!) but in Dubai you need to register the full name at birth in the hospital!! So we kinda need to decide it. NOW! These things make it good that there’s still a few weeks to go – EVEN I feel like this :


Expected date is 28th June…. but we have stated a game now – WHAT date will I give birth?! Let me know in below poll please 🙂 Hope there’s some psychic people out there which will guess!!

Hereby some photos from today so you have something to guess from! The winner I will share my next ice cream with 😉

image[4] image[5]


Aww baby has hiccups right now 🙂 Should be a sign that he are practicing his breathing, cute ❤

SO World-cup starts today – Denmark is NOT in and my husband demands I cheer for UK instead :/ Hmm…. Yes of course baby!! 🙂 Hope you bought me a t-shirt with room for a watermelon…. Good luck everybody and enjoy the weekend!! 🙂

From Euros 12 – Denmark where are you in the World Cup!!?????

5 thoughts

  1. Hello Mie, Thank you so much for all the likes on my blog! My husband and I are, as you know, 3-months new to Dubai and still trying to figure things out—like, how to be comfortable in this heat! I can’t even imagine being pregnant and dealing with this weather. You have such a lovely attitude and energy, and I know you’ll be a great mom! Speaking of moms, my mom’s side of the family is from Denmark–I’d love to visit it there some day. Her father’s name was Charlie–just throwing that out there, if you haven’t thought of that name. : )
    All the best to you, your husband, and your beautiful bump!

    1. Welcome to Dubai! So exciting! Been here 4 years but clearly remember the first couple of very hectic and hot months 🙂 Worst time now but soon beautiful weather again. Glad you enjoyed the blog 😉 Interesting with your Danish heritage!! You most visit Denmark sometime, its a beautiful country 😉 thank you for your kind message and all the best in the sandpit!! /Mie

      1. I’m enjoying the life of a housewife, too, so if you ever want to meet–and get ice cream or something, let me know. I’m guessing you’re in the Marina? We’re in the Greens. Lots and lots of babies here, if you want to visit and see what your life will be like in a month or so–c’mon over!

  2. Hi Dina – Housewife life is not to bad!! Do you have kids yourself? Ice Cream sounds great but I’m not moving much at the moment haha 😉

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