Baby shower & bump photos

The photos are here!!! My friend L did my pregnancy photos on the beach here in Dubai – she is an amateur photographer but a very fantastic one!! She always take lots of photos everywhere we go and I think they are beautiful! I always tell her to start doing it full-time – if you agree please let me know and I will encourage her to do it 😀 The photo’s were taken back in May and I love them – you can see some of them here 🙂
When we have these beautiful surroundings in Dubai surely we needed to take them outside. We went out an early morning in my pregnancy week 34 (suppose to be done before you have too much water in your body!) but it was incredible HOT, HOT, HOT and I felt like a stranded whale on the beach that morning!!! It’s tough to be a model!!

Mie gravidbilleder (35)bw Mie gravidbilleder (422)bw

Mie gravidbilleder (782)ps Mie gravidbilleder (1121)ps Mie gravidbilleder (1432)ps Mie gravidbilleder (568)ps

After a few hours we went back to her house to have some cool drinks and AC! I was extremely tired, dehydrated and sweaty! Nevertheless we just entered the house and 10 girls yelled SURPRISE, ITS YOUR BABYSHOWER!!!!! 😀 I was paralyzed and could only say WHAAAAT!!! I don’t need to say it came very unexpected and I was definitely not prepared or expecting this!! What a lovely bounce of friends ❤ I was happy, excited and love surprises! Lucky me!!! 🙂 They had been afraid to surprise me to much as I might go into early labour 😉
We had a lovely brunch with home-bake, fruit flower and lots of lovely cakes! We had some very fun games including a quiz about me (which I didn’t win haha!), some competitions about nappy changing (I didn’t win that one either), bottles drinking, baby feeding and much more – hereafter lots of presents for junior 🙂 A very lovely day with sugar-chock after lots of cake 😉 I feel very lucky to be spoiled like this – THANK you again girls!!! 🙂

Mie babyshower (251) Mie babyshower (38) Mie babyshower (39)   Mie babyshower (84) Mie babyshower (163) Mie babyshower (253) Mie babyshower (88)

Have a great day!!!




 All photos belong to me.

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