3 x Brunch & shopping for a Doctor

Its been a crazy busy weekend!! It started on Thursday going to my doctor for routine check-up, I didn’t go for almost 4 weeks and was so excited to know how everything is going on in there! All is good and as of today there’s only 3 weeks to go yayy! Later Thursday evening we went for a beautiful wedding, I just love the celebration of looove (and hopefully soon more playmates for our baby boy hahaha!) – this celebration included a lovely evening brunch which is a great concept instead of always going Friday – and also much cheaper! The dessert buffet was yummy in my tummy… 😉 Friday we went to a babyshower and celebrated our friends’ babygirl coming in July (maybe the first girlfriend for our babyboy!!) another excuse for yummy food AND today I celebrated my sweet friend T’s birthday with another brunch 🙂 What a (Dubai) life!!!!

Dubai life! Palms & Sun, Yummy food & cute dog cruising in his Porsche 🙂

Shopping for a Doctor…

In Dubai we love shopping and we also must shop for Doctors! I’m very happy about my doctor here – but its not always been like that. In the beginning I was going to a doctor at one of the big hospitals here in the city, I loved the facilities and the doctor was very knowledgeable, but could never remember me or my file so every time I had use the first 10 min explaining my situation and who I was and then time was out… I understand they have hundreds of patients but at least read my papers before I enter the door – please!! I do expect a certain personal touch – that’s important for me. It resulted in a lack of trust and I decided to change doctor after my week 12 scan.

I was recommended Dr Anni at Dr Asp & Nicolas – I’m danish and I was honestly tempted to have a doctor which I knew could understand me 100%, some things are just difficult to explain in another language! At the same I felt she was very relaxed and easy-going which is what I personally want my doctor to be. Its also not always easy to understand the medical system here so we needed a trustful provider. My doctor is connected to Al Zahra hospital where I will give birth. We went there for a tour and its an amazing facility, not to crowded, modern and has some great birth facilities. Its not easy to chose doctor/hospital here but most important is that you chose one which feels right for YOU.

We only know after the birth whether the choice is correct – but when you need to chose your doctor you can consider some of these points;

  • First of all try to find out whats important for YOU, is it language, experience, hospital, location…?
  • Does the your doctor understand and support your birth wishes – take this up early in the pregnancy.
  • What hospital is your doctor working with and is both doctor and hospital covered by your insurance?
  • If its important for you to do a natural birth ask questions around how many natural births they have attended.
  • Ask when/how they recommend induction before/on/after the due date and compare with your own expectations.
  • If you know you are going to/trying to avoid a cesarian ask about their c-section rate and under which circumstances they do a cesarean.
  • Ask what routine they normally follow up to week 40, during labor and birth.
  • How easy is it to make an appointment.
  • Can husband/birth partner attend at all times and ask if you can have more than one birth companion if you wish so.
  • Try to have a tour in the hospital before birth.
  • Ask what kind of pain relief (natural as well as none) they have in the hospital.
  • Communication between you and doctor – does it feel right and does the doctor make you feel confident and relaxed.

Use your intuition and decide early who your doctor or medical provider is going to be. Good luck!

My back hurts A LOT so my new best friend is this granny hot water bottle 🙂 I can highly recommend!!! Off to the pool now for some swimming which is also a good help for the backache after the brunch!

Yes I’m a old lady!

Happy Saturday xxx

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