Hump day in photos

Hump day in my pregnancy week that is – which is the only week which really counts at the moment…!!

A little update from me:

How far along:  36 weeks+4

Total weight gain/measurement:  
Belly measure: 112,2 cm – last week 110 cm!
Weight gain: The scale broke this morning when I stood on it… it’s not a joke!! I haven’t been on it for a while because I don’t care anymore but I think its close to 25 kg plus at the moment… this is the heaviest I ever been in my life and I start to have lots of pain in my whole body – getting difficult to move, its sweaty and my back is so sore. I never want to be overweight.
Maternity clothes: As mentioned earlier I don’t have much clothes which fits me anymore 😦 Right now I’m wearing my husbands’ old t-shirt!!! I know, it’s a fashion crime :/ But I’m glad its summer and not Scandinavian winter where you need pants, boots, socks, jackets, sweaters etc… I’m starting to miss my old wardrobe and really need a trip to the hairdresser and some serious pampering! I wear what I can rather than what I want!
Stretch marks: None! Yet… I have all pregnancy used the Bio oil, I know there are mix reviews about this oil and properly have perfume in it but so far its been working fine for me. Sometimes I use a fat organic cream without perfume and parabens. I think, as long as you keep the belly moist with good products you do something good. I know they now say stretch marks are genetic so the oil and creme do no difference – I think its worth the try! So far so good…
photo 1-2
So far its been working!

Sleep: I didn’t have much issues until now but its starting to be a tough one! Its heavy, can’t turn around, its heavy, back and shoulder hurts, its heavy, can only lie on side (normally prefer belly and back), its heavy, waking up during night, its heavy, I’m thirsty, AND again; its heavy!!!!! No the sleep is not good anymore, maybe preparation for baby to come 😕 I do take a mid-day nap when I can – the luxury of maternity leave 🙂

Best moment this week: 1. Husband returned from Cyprus and brought back some traditional souvenirs 😀 He went for some close friends’ beautiful wedding and I been really sad I couldn’t join (to close to birth so not allowed to fly!).
Well nothing is not so bad it’s not good for something else…. 2. I picked up my gift card to Waldorf Astoria this week 🙂 I was unhappy we were not going to get our last couple get-away to Cyprus BUT then there was a competition on Channel 4 FM where you could win a gift card to a 2-night stay in the luxurious Waldorf Astoria!! I called, made a complain about the lack of travel, they felt sorry for me and I won!!!! 😀

photo 2
Cypriot souvenirs! Oil, honey, sweets and a little white church! I have lived in Cyprus 6 months (that’s another story!!) so this is something special to me 🙂












photo 3
Yayyy we are going to RAK!

Miss anything? I love my bump and being pregnant but I do start to miss my old body which didn’t give me pain and I could wear what I wanted!

And family and friends at home of course ❤

I don’t miss it but I do look heavily forward to a class of red grapes and some good sashimi sushi!

photo 4
Miss that flat belly and dress!!!! 😦 Picture is from honeymoon in Bali last year ❤

Movement: Not been to my usual prenatal Pilates class this week but been swimming in the morning… wish I could say morningS! I better do it today!!!! 🙂 Baby is moving and kicking a lot though 😀

Reason I didn’t go to my class, which I actually love, is that we had our weekly meeting in the Danish mummy group 🙂 We are about 12 girls meeting up regularly – this time we were only two out of eight women without babies! I felt a bit like I was missing something, but it’s so fantastic to see all the beautiful babies popping out, and it really reminds me why we are doing this!! Babies are just too cute and a true miracle ❤ The group is great to share experiences and ask for advise – and a good excuse for a little treat 😉

photo 5
I was swimming 20 lanes first – then relaxing in the shadow…..
Fantastic treats with the fantastic mummy group!

Food cravings: Ice cream… Bought a low-fat/sugar passion fruit ice cream, really wanted carrot cake yesterday but I managed to avoid it! Proud!!

Labour signs: Braxton Hicks contractions and pressure on pelvic. I have the feeling I will go over time so still weeks to go… :/

Symptoms: Heartburn (I live on Rennie tablets), increased swelling, back- and shoulder ache…and generally feeling huge!
photo 2-2
My life saver…

Mood: Happy but I just want baby out now!!! Excited, tired and slightly annoyed about painful back!

Its TRUE!!

Looking forward to: Of course meeting my baby soon and being finish with my to-do list before baby arrival 🙂 Looking forward to the weekend – wedding and a baby shower 🙂

Whats on the ‘pregnancy to-do’ this morning:
Reading about baby – after birth! Been reading so much about labour its time to go into the stages afterwards which everyone says is where the knowledge really is needed!! I think all will be fine and in 9 out of 10 cases the mummy instinct will tell me what to do. Anyhow will read a bit about it just in case 😉

I’m just having a cup of raspberry leaf tea! It’s not tasty so will let you know whether its true… – would taste better with a piece of carrot cake I think 😛

Hereafter a trip to the pool not for tanning but for some swimming – which I do with lots of sun scream – in shadow, cover the belly and make sure I don’t get to hot! The higher level of hormones make skin much more sensitive and you burn so easy – and sun it’s not really good for any – pregnant or not…

Some of my baby reading
Raspberry leaf tea – worth a try! Yes I now its a coffee cup…

That’s it for today! Saying cheers is raspberry leaf tea!! 🙂

Have a great day

Mie xxx

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