What surprised me about pregnancy

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I have outgrown some of my maternity clothes – believe it or not but it’s to small for the bump!!! So I rushed off to Mall of Emirates to find emergency clothes (Is it just me or is the parking crazy at the moment and to many not ‘pregnancy friendly’ car queues?!?!). Good thing was I didn’t drive into the parking entrance boom (did cause a bit of extra traffic queues for the people coming after me last time I went – very sorry everyone) but why don’t we have special pregnancy parking close to entrance in Dubai, think that would be fantastic in the 40+ degrees heat!!? Anyway I made it to H&M and bought this little Hawaii flower-power dress for just 79 AED, hurrah for the H&M mama range 🙂 and my day was made despite queues and heat 😀 (For more about maternity clothes in Dubai please see the ‘Mums wardrobe’ page).


So the other day I had my heavenly foot massage and thought hmm I will kinda miss the pregnancy life….! Don’t get me wrong I’m crazy to see my babyboy and to get my body back but I’m just getting use to the whole (HUGE!!) pregnancy transition which your mind and body goes through – and now its nearly over!! Therefore I thought about all the things (positive as well as negative!) which surprised me being pregnant – some of them I wish I had been more prepared for…:

1. Crazy Hormones. Everybody talking a lot about all the physical changes, I didn’t have much of those but hormones completely changed my mindset and made me super sensitive! They made me slightly crazy, made me shout a lot at work and at home, gave my dear husband a lot of earache, gave me lots of tears and even made me so upset I got nosebleed one day!! Hard work!!

2. Relationship. Some periods are tough and some even say pregnancy is hard for the marriage and that the fun is over. Yes sometimes hormones take over but in the end if the day I think we got closer in this period ❤ (hopefully good for the harder period coming afterwards 😉 )

3. Planning. And its lots of it! I thought a wedding take lots of planning but here’s even more (reading, learning, shopping….) – but hey I love it!

4. Husband involement. After planning our wedding last year were the husband wasn’t quite so interested in planning I expected same for project baby – but he has been very different and took great part in learning about babies, pregnancy and prenatal classes. Last one a little bit too excited maybe (breathe!)… Maybe I’m just lucky ❤

5. Picturing the baby. How women are imagining a cute little baby they can dress up in cute little outfits and care for and how men is thinking about a big boy he can do camping and fishing with…

6. Kindness. I think most people are super lovely and helpful when you are pregnant, take special care, let you go ahead in queue etc. (Sometimes a bit to much – don’t comment on my food/tea/coffee habits stranger!) – also police this morning was very friendly even they gave me red slip….

7. Nesting. That clothes washing can become fun! Crazy!!

8. Weight. When you think you can’t get bigger you actually keep growing. Surely I knew I was going to gain weight but it’s a little painful to see the scale pass certain numbers – it’s not only the belly it’s feet, fingers even my nose seems bigger! And my excuse for buying above mentioned dress of course….

9. Learn to listen. My husband tells me all the time how beautiful I look, I wish I really listened to what he says instead of rolling my eyes – We are not fat we are beautiful pregnant women!

10. Maids. You can have a baby in Dubai without having a full-time maid. Don’t know how many times I have been asked about this. I’m not working so of course I can take care of my baby and cook my own dinner like rest of the world does (it’s fine some chose differently but don’t get surprised when I say I don’t need one – yet!).

11. Get use to it. Good we have 9 months to prepare for birth – I was so scared in the beginning but now I’m just super excited!

12. Cravings. When you are hungry you want it NOW and can’t stop thinking about that carrot cake before you have it. Afterwards you have overeaten and get heartburn! Thanks….

13. Weight loss. Don’t lose weight before you get pregnancy you gain much more during pregnancy if you just lost a lot!!!!!!!!

14. Exercise. I regret I didn’t have a sport before being pregnant it’s very difficult to start up during the first 12 weeks and afterwards it’s even more difficult. For me anyway.

15. ‘Baby brain’: Loss of memory – and I read that you become much more sensitive so you are more reactive to your baby’s needs after birth. That’s amazing! But you can use this ‘baby-brain’ excuse for many many things… (also when I had to explain husband that police gave me red slip for reversing into a Porsche in basement this morning 😕 – nobody was hurt though! ).

16 No sickness. Yes you can go through pregnancy without being sick a single time.

17. Softer skin and stronger nails. I like! At first my skin got really bad and lots of sposts but now its glowing – somebody told me…. My nails are growing faster and more strong. My hair is much more curly.

18. Uterus change. Your uturus grows 14 times from original size: Streeches from a pear to a watermelon and then goes back again! It’s amazing!!!

19. Carrot-cake. Wish somebody had told me where to get the best carrot cake in Dubai – would have saved me many calories (I have therefore pasted on my recommendation under ‘Favorites’)!

20. You can eat your own placenta. What???? Yes have it freeze-dried into 150 pills and it will be a very healthy vitamin.

21. Baby can taste your food. By week 20 baby has developed taste buds and learning to prefer the foods you eat and maybe you can even shape the baby’s palate by eating variety of (heathy!) food!! Wow!

22. Baby can see light. Around week 30 irises are formed and might see and react to light so if you in direct sunlight baby might try to cover his eyes (need bump sunglasses?).

23. On a grosser note. Baby is making poop in my belly!! Apparently from about half way baby starts producing meconium inside the belly… :/

24. Need help. You can’t take shoes and socks on by yourself in third trimester (good we only need flip flops in Dubai!!).

25. Ops. Accidentally you can pee in pants when laughing. Sorry but had to mention….

Think most of these points are due to hormones but I didn’t know anything about them!?? So now I have warned the world!!
Most important: All pregnant woman are beautiful. We are creating a life. Swollen feet and waddling like a penguin yes but we are still beautiful and our body is made to be this way! All the bad things are only temporary and you will become yourself again (or almost) very soon – just let your confidence shine 😀


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