Washing of clean clothes and cheesecake disaster

Today has been bit of a quiet Saturday which I don’t mind after a very fun Friday brunch and after-party! Normally I will be very bored on a quiet day not doing much but at 36 weeks pregnant is seems okay to just relax and put up those big elephant feet! Saturday is my count-DOWN-day and a new pregnancy week starts yahoo! 36+0 – and baby should be the size of a large cantaloupe!! Time goes so slow in beginning but suddenly it’s so close! Yikes! 4 weeks to go only so I better start ticking of tasks on my ‘what-to-do-before-baby-arrives’ to-do-list (I love lists!!!) 🙂 On the list is everything from planning christening, making packed lunches for husband everyday, organize those tons of photos, me-time appointments (hairdresser, message, have pregnancy photos taken, shopping) to washing tons of new clean baby clothes!

Washing the cute little baby clothes is an important point on my list! And I have even been looking forward to this point!! Not that enjoy clothes washing normally (NO WAY!!) but I guess the nesting/mummy/family instinct is taking over now – ‘see the tiny pieces ohhh its soooo cuuuuteeee’-kinda vibe! Am I getting crazy?? When did washing become fun?! Is this what pregnancy hormones do to you? :/ Naively hope this feeling continues even when its VERY dirty with stuff I can’t even think about right now… 😕 image[1] image[2]

Anyway the reason I wash the clothes even its unused, is to be sure that any leftover colors, dyes and toxic cleaning materials are gone! A lot of clothes has a special dye to make the clothes look ‘fresher/whiter/nicer’  which is not so good for a sensitive baby skin. I try to use washing detergent there doesn’t use unnecessary chemicals which can dry out skin, give eczema and worse! To be honest I find it difficult to find products without unnecessary chemicals in UAE? Some are of course fine with any products but I dont know if my baby will have a sensitive skin and won’t take the risk. In Denmark there’s so much focus on chemicals and perfume in all sort of products so its easy to buy ‘clean’ products!


My friend S (which have super sensitive skin!) recommended me to use the Purex which is supposed to be tough on dirt & stains but gentle on skin. Plus it’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested and of course fresh and clean so thats now my detergent!! I guess this kind of stuff is like with parenting and pregnancy – we all have different opinions and need to do what feels right but for the ones there’s been looking for a sensitive skin detergent in UAE – this one might be the answer! If you know any products in UAE which is chemical, perfume and paraben free please let me know I will be happy to try others 🙂

ANYWAY enough about washing detergents 🙂 Low point on my day was when I discovered my ice cream treat were strawberry cheesecake AND NOT strawberry and cream flavor!!!!  I love all food – except cheese – I just can’t have cheese and that’s including cheesecake!!!! How could this happen to me!!!! 😥 You just don’t mess with pregnant ladies ice cream!!! After this experience I will now go for my favorite massage – foot reflexology at Mary’s foot-spa ❤

Pssst….. somehow it went down anyway – but don’t tell anybody ok 😕

As you can see its been a lazy Saturday – hope you are enjoying yours too. Take care x If you like what you see please Follow my blog with Bloglovin 🙂

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