When the cat is out…

Brunch ready!
AND then it was weekend!! ūüėÄ

Aww just love weekends – even the fact its weekend everyday for me now – there’s just something magical about weekend mornings! Weekend in Dubai starts Thursday so actually we already halfway through it :/ BUT It’s been a great one so far – and thats despite the husband is away on his ‘last weekend in freedom trip’ to Cyprus!!! But as we say in Denmark, when the cat is out the mouse is dancing on the table…. WELL the only dancing at the moment is my extra kilos… but HEY I can have fun and enjoy even I’m very, very pregnant!! Can’t I?? ūüėõ

Weekend started great – was very excited about publishing this blog, been waiting for a while, were¬†a little unsure about the hole blog thing – but if nobody wants to read I can just stop again! BUT was very happy when I had 550 viewings yesterday (THANK YOU!!! ūüėÄ )! Anyway all the adrenaline¬†and excitement made¬†me afreid it would put me into early labour, so to district me, I went to cinema with my friend T to see the new¬†Maleficent fairytale movie in 3D (The untold sleeping beauty story!). We really enjoyed it and without telling to much there ‘s a certain girl power to it!! But BEST of all; we could all 3 wear beautiful 3D glasses:

image  photo-23

Bump and I just came back from a great birthday celebration for my friend K! In Dubai friday is equal to Friday brunch! ¬†-its¬†a Dubai institution and means lots of fluent calories! So I was a bit excited to see how it workes without the fluent part of the fun! But no worries – all went good! First of all its actually half price when you pregnant (eating for 2!). You can eat all you want in the 3,5 hours and thats¬†including unlimited visits to the desert buffet without¬†anybody¬†looking weird¬†at you. Can eat much more as no grapes take up valuable space in the belly. Its much cheaper to have the non-alcohol package AND you are fresh enough to make it to the after-party where its BTW totally accepted to order a portion of fries and onion rings when you hungry again one hour after the brunch ended…..! Its a winner!!! Yayy!

OK there is a few warnings as well, here they come;

РI was not able to wear the mandatory Dubai 6+ inch heels (still my feet are now not only one size bigger but two size bigger than normal!!!!)
– A whole lot of people have touched¬†my¬†bump which I don’t mind but it is still MY belly (thats especially to the very drunk lady in the toilet which wouldn’t let go and¬†thought I was German)
– I have been listening to a lot of interesting stories of babies and birth – and been told Bump is both VERY big and VERY small (???)
– Theres a chance that Bump will be used as a drink holder
AND most important;
– Be careful you don’t mix up your sparkling water with a GT – if you do, don’t keep that enormous¬†sip in your mouth just because you don’t know whether to swallow or spit it on the floor (Correct answer: try to spit in a glass)!!!

The bump and I will now stop dancing on the table Рfor today anyway Рand say thank you for a lovely day and go into our deep beauty sleep (hopefully some true love will wake me up tomorrow!!)


No its not a GT and no I’m not a table!!!
Yes of course present match outfit ūüėČ

The discrete Dubai brunch view!


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