Huggies & Housework – and lovely mummy groups


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Ok I admit I’ve been shopping a lot – BUT this little one is the most exciting purchase of them all!
Our very first baby nappies!!!!

Who should have thought that a package of (rather expensive) paper would be the most exciting buy for junior!!!! But it is – and it took the happy dad and mum quite some time to chose the right package! Can’t have perfume (like it would take the bad smell anyway huh??), chemicals nor alcohol for that little cute baby bum! And to be honest the choice is not impressive…. Came to conclusion (based on input from experienced expat mums) that Huggies is the most clean and affordable nappy product in Dubai! SO we are trying them and hoping for the best. Cost around 1-1,25 AED each and they have them in most supermarkets. (Psssst if you need wet-napkins for your little one Corine de Farme Sensetive are without paraben, alcohol and fragrance plus dematolgocally tested! We like 🙂 )

So today I’m 35+5 and I think baby boy is somewhere around 2,8-3 kg – yes he is be a big boy and Im a big girl now (My feet have grown and I doesn’t fit my shoes nor my weeding ring anymore!!! But hey all part of the fun and the sun of pregnancy in Dubai !! :)) – but only 4 weeks to go!!! Am I the only one there think this summer is EXTREMELY hot??? Pyyyyy!!! :/ Yeep and thats my excuse for having a Haagen Dazs in the trolley above – I KNOW you noticed it right away……. – (try the creme brûlée – yummmm 😛 ). On my Craving page I listed a few of my favorite cravings – lets just face it; FOOD take a lot of space in my hormoneal baby mind…!! 😛

I recently stopped working and I’m now officially a housewife!! Never thought I would put that voluntarily on my CV but so far its pretty fun! And I’m more busy than ever – nice lunches,baby  shopping, baby preparation and nesting, swimming, pilates, cooking dinner for my husband (when he doesn’t cook him self oooops), meeting up with other mums and of course all the mandatory housework! Yesterday I even ironed the small baby outfits!!! I hope housework continues to be this fun 😉

My mummy group is excellent – we are about 10 danish girls meeting up every second week for dinner or a snack (dessert that is!!) to share the happiness and concerns of pregnancy – its great to meet up with others in same situation with same questions! Actually this lovely group inspired me to create this blog as all (more or less) have the same important questions (where to buy…, how to make baby visa.., what doctor…, where to find best carrot cake…!). The babies have started to pop out now and it just makes me even more excited to see whats inside my big sweaty belly !!  I like to offer to start up another mummy group (don’t worry not danish speaking!) for girls with due dates in the Autumn – It’s just for fun but if you need friends in same situation just let me know, we will start this up in June 🙂

Huggies weekend… oh I mean Happy Weekend!

Mie x


Hmm look a bit weird that finger…. So this is how water in the hands look like :/


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  1. Just for Info if you have bought huggies Wipes – the have been taken out of the Danish marked because Many children had an allergic reaction – it was preservatives that was the reason..

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