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For me a new week starts on Saturday! Its the count-DOWN-day and start of a new pregnancy week! 7 weeks to go now (when did it start to be count down in weeks and not months…. wow!) To keep track on days and preggo stages I follow these baby webpages and apps everyday – they kindly remind me about; days to go, baby size and common experiences at this stage etc. I can recommend to follow some of these, theres lots of good apps in the market and I have mentioned a few free apps I follow. Much easier than books nowadays.

I’ve been feeling pretty good this pregnancy – I really can’t complain! Had the mandatory back and neck pain, a bit of nausea, quite a lot of heartburn, crazy hormones, unlimited ‘hungry-ness’ for sugar etc….. but nothing I can complain about really! Ok I admit sleeping gets a bit difficult here in third trimester. Somebody clever says I should enjoy sleeping now blahblah but its not that easy when you’re belly is heavy and you can’t turn around without feeling like you would be starting an earthquake, boobs are sore and baby is kicking the poor ribs!! All part of the fun but I don’t understand the bump rave must start at night and go on all night?! Well he is his fathers’ son 😉

Below I have listed a few apps, which I have enjoyed throughout my pregnancy so far, there are many more out there but I prefer the free ones 😉 Can you recommend any?

1. What to expect: Popular American app and page after the book of same name –  Love the weekly baby video to follow the size and development! Can also sign up for daily emails.


2. The Bump: Compare your baby’s age to its size in fruits and veggies!

photo 3

3. I’m expecting: Good to follow your body’s development, weight and the baby.



4. WomanLog Pregnancy: Has a great countdown calendar if you turn your phone horizontally it shows the countdown by the second!


5. The Babycenter: Fun daily updates with great photos of baby in bump.


And a Danish favorite:

6. Min Mave: For the daily emails and a great blog to follow, has a Facebook page for ladies with due dates in June which I been following – warning: quite addictive 🙂


Today is Sunday (11th May) is my first mothers day as a mum-to-be! Thats an exciting feeling 😉

Happy Mothers day!

Mie x




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